104-YO Kerala Grandma Gleams With Pride As She Scores 89/100 In State Literacy Exam

Knowledge sees no bounds. Irrespective of age, gender, caste or creed, if one wants to get into the world of knowledge and get literate, there’s nothing that can stop them. And this 104-year-old grandmother is testimony to that.

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Hailing from Kerala’s Kottayam, the grandmother aka Kuttiyamma scored 89 marks out of 100 in the Kerala State Literacy Mission’s exam. Colloquially called the ‘Saksharatha examination’, it was carried out within the Ayarkunnam panchayat of the district, said Onmanorama.

Interestingly, Kuttiyamma hasn’t received any formal education. However, she can read well. Before sitting for the examination, she was taught to write by the ‘Saksharatha Prerak Rehna’.

Along with Kuttiyamma, there were several others, of her age, who took the literacy examination. After passing the exam with flying colours, the granny is now qualified to take the standard four exams.

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Kerala Education Minister V Sivakutty was delighted to see Kuttiyamma gleaming with pride after topping the examination.

For the uninitiated, the state launched the literacy mission under the ‘Saakshar Bharat Scheme’ that works towards reducing illiteracy. As per the Kerala government’s website, the state sponsors a lifelong learning programme that concentrates on the equivalency programme at the four levels; 4th, 7th, 10th, 11th and 12th standard equivalency.

The Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority (K.S.L.M.A) is an autonomous institution under the General Education Department, Government of Kerala. Earlier, a Kerala woman gave her PSC exam from an ambulance after testing covid positive.

Kudos to Kuttiyamma for having the zeal and enthusiasm to continue her education even at this age.

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