Kerala Cops Grow Organic Veggies In Confiscated Cars & Turn Impound Lot Into Lush Garden!


Stories of cops going beyond their designated duties and bringing light and hope into our worlds will always warm my heart. For instance, a Bangalore cop taught the kids of migrant workers every day before his duty, or how Kerala cops gifted saplings and a CCTV camera to a little boy who complained of his tree getting stolen.

As per a report in News18, some Kerala cops have converted the many unclaimed, confiscated cars rusting for years at the Thrissur police station into organic vegetable gardens. One of the police officers was also a farmer and hence took care of the cultivation part, while the other authorities helped in executing the project.

Reportedly, a station house officer (SHO) from North Kerala explained the reasons why people don’t come back to claim their cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. as they’re either stolen and seized or are accident vehicles which owners preferred not to reclaim. Hence, they often end up rusting in the police station’s compound lying unused.

But this green initiative on the part of the cops gives some much-needed utility to these vehicles. Simpson PT, who is a civil police officer from Thrissur district’s Cheruthuruthy said, “We had a few mini lorries that we had caught for sand and soil smuggling. Three months ago, we decided to cultivate vegetables in them. It was a successful attempt – we got our first harvest last week. We gave the vegetables to our police canteen.”

This successful experiment which began by planting spinach, ladyfingers, and long beans, will now be carried forward in other vehicles as well by the police personnel.

What do you think of this noble and inventive step? Tell us!

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