Kerala Coolie Cracks Public Services Exam With The Help Of Free WiFi At Railway Station

If you ask any job aspirant right now that what kind of job they want, they’re going to say that they want a Government job, without hesitation. And why shouldn’t they? It provides job security, a healthy salary and many other perks to choose from. However, those posts comes with its own set of problems.

As everybody wants to get a Government job, the competition is mind-blowingly high. That forces the authorities to increase the cut-off so that they can choose from the best. But despite all those odds one man from Kerala cracked the Kerala Public Services Exam in the most unique way possible.

According to DNA, Sreenath K, a coolie from Kerala cracked the state’s Public Services Examination by relying on the railway station’s WiFi internet service.

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“I have appeared thrice for the exam and this is the first time I used the WiFi at the station.”

Sreenath is a high-school pass-out. He works at the Ernakulam station in Kerala as a coolie. He has been doing this job for the past five years. However, thanks to his ambition, Sreenath is ready to upgrade to a better one.

While regular aspirants cover themselves with books and spend lakhs of rupees on coaching classes, Sreenath took a route for studying that would not hinder his daily job.

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“What I do is put on my earphones and listen to the study material as I carry the luggage or solve questionnaires in my mind. This way I can study while I work. I revise all my work at night when I get free time.”

Sreenath has cleared the preliminary stage of the exam and is all set to appear for the interview. If he clears that as well, he’ll be appointed as village field assistant. Although the chances are 50-50, Sreenath optimistically said,

“I will keep studying. While I work as a coolie because I have the pressure of running my house, I will keep studying and appearing for exams. If I appear for enough exams, I am bound to get a good job.”

You’ve seen how busy train stations are and the level of luggage the coolies have to carry. I can’t read a sentence properly without throwing a fit if someone’s talking on their phone in the next building. And Sreenath managed to solve entire mock-exams in his mind while carrying luggage. Just imagine what he’ll do if he gets a quite place for working.

Sreenath’s achievement is definitely something to look up to. He has shown us that if you put your mind to anything, you can find out a way to reach what you want. We salute Sreenath’s resilience and wish him all the best for his new job.

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