Keanu Reeves Shows His Humble Side Again By Taking A Bus Ride And Floors The Internet

Keanu Reeves is famous for leading action-heavy movies like the ‘John Wick’ trilogy, the ‘Matrix’ trilogy, ‘Speed’, ‘Constantine’ and ‘Point Break’. However, his off-screen persona doesn’t reflect it in any way.

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Reeves is famous for being one of the kindest celebrities in existence. While most stars prefer to travel in their luxurious cars, he has been spotted taking the subway multiple times. And he has donated millions of dollars in charity for his love for a simple life.

Recently, Keanu Reeves was spotted at an airport interacting with people and then taking a bus ride with them.

The video was apparently taken from Brian Rea‘s Instagram stories. And you can see Reeves casually interacting with everyone, sharing stories from the internet about Bakersfield and then introducing them to his playlist.

Netizens who are used to seeing actors and actresses flaunt their celebrity status loved Keanu Reeves’ down-to-earth attitude. And those who knew about his humble demeanour lauded him for not changing at all.

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A large section of our society is constantly trying to one-up each other by showing off what’s the priciest thing they can buy or how stylishly they can live. So, it’s heartening to see Keanu Reeves practically telling people that there’s an alternative. And, at the risk of being hyperbolic, Reeves is probably one of the only human beings who can respond to the phrase “all men are trash” with “not all men”.

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