Amitabh Bachchan’s Childlike Energy & On Set Antics No More A Secret! KBC Director Tells All

Kaun Banega Crorepati, India’s version of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire,’ is synonymous with two things – host Amitabh Bachchan and his trusty Computer-ji. The popular quiz show is all set to make a comeback for its 11th season and give people the chance to earn up to Rs. 7 crores!

Ahead of its season premiere, director Arun Sheshkumar (who has also spearheaded Satyamev Jayate and Dus Ka Dum) gave some inside details of the behind-the-scenes action in an interview with Mid-day.

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He said “The latest addition to the KBC set is a buggy camera. It has become Bachchan’s favourite toy as it follows him around. This is the first time that such a camera is being used on a reality show. It has been used in IPL matches earlier.”

Hindustan Times quoted him adding,

“Every year, Mr Bachchan becomes younger. He becomes like a kid on set. He tells us, ‘Chalo, aaj kya naya karna hai?’ He enjoys the process as the kid in him is very much alive.”

“For us, it becomes more challenging to bring in the novelty. He treats himself as part of the show, and not as a superstar. There is no one on the set who can say that Mr Bachchan did not wave out to him.”

He praised the veteran actor saying, “His energy is more than what it was during season one,” and also revealed that 2 episodes are shot in a day and each is completed in 3 hours.

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According to DNA India, the quizmaster with the iconic baritone described his KBC experience on his blog saying,

“It has been the time when the ‘passings’ of known have left the thought of the eventuality of time and living and the times on the KBC have been equally disturbing, inspiring, filled with the emotions that had they remained a second more the flow of the liquids that depict sorrow and extreme happiness would have spilled over their natural boundaries and filled the heart with remorse in some and pride in another.”

Will you be tuning in to watch the 11th edition of the show from 19 August?

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