Star Screen Awards Does It Again, Trolled For Giving Katrina ‘Real Star On Social Media’ Award

We’re all such woke people now. When we watch a Bollywood film these days, we’re no longer impressed by old-school plots and a hero’s unquestionable machismo (unless it is Thalaiva, of course). We frown upon women’s regressive roles. And we want the characters to be relatable. But even before became the woke janta, we were aware that Bollywood award shows are a sham. The only reason we’d watch them were to see our favourite stars perform and banter.

And then came the revelation that the performances are more often pre-shot, the close-ups of celebs’ shocking reactions are just an editor with a good sense of humour. And that banter is getting sleazier by the day.

And the awards? They are getting lamer with each passing year! Remember when this happened last year at the Star Screen Awards?

The amount of trolling that ensued! Apparently, Star Screen Awards are not one to learn their lesson from past mistakes like the one above.

Because this year, they introduced another glorious award, the—wait for it—Best Real Star On Social Media Award! And it went to none other than Katrina Kaif!

Now I’ll tell you what’s funny here. And I mean besides the fact that such a ridiculous award exists! Katrina Kaif has barely just got on social media! She only joined Instagram in April last year, after Facebook. And she’s not even on Twitter.

But, we digress. The focus has to remain on this lame awards category, and its place in a Bollywood awards show.

People of course wouldn’t let this golden chance to troll a popular awards show pass them by!

And rightly so. Star Screen Award probably loves this attention, because why else would you even repeat the mistake?

Adding another ‘Kuch Bhi Award’ to the repertoire!

Bollywood critic Rajeev Masand was also trying to grapple with the ridiculousness of this award.

Weird flex, but exactly my point!

Now here’s an idea for next year! Cc: Star Screen Awards!

*silently shakes head*

Let that sink in….

But why are we even surprised at this point? These are the shows that put together cliffhanger promos of stars getting offended by the hosts, when the whole world knows award shows are about faking it!

Legit question!

Boo-yah Meryl Streep! You think you’re too cool?

I think people are going to take a while to digest the food being served by the Bachchans and Khans at the Ambani wedding!

Background mein aata hoon. Samajh mein nahi!

Come on award show, we’re not asking you to be as orthodox as the Oscars. But we’ve got some really amazing talent emerging in the industry right now. If you want to introduce new awards, how about you bring in some sensible ones! Mandir ka prasad nahi jo sabko mile!

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