Katrina Kaif Appeared In 2 Places At Once At IIFA And Twitter Is Applauding Her Double Role!

Bollywood award nights are where it all happens. Be it the assembly of the who’s who of the Tinseltown or the hue and cry about awards (read: favouritism/nepotism/flag bearer-ism), these galas represent the fraternity like nothing does.

While each calls for a celebration, where we see our favourite stars singing and dancing for us, there (now) is one that will be remembered for generations and will be talked about by our progeny. Psst. Who needs history books when you have social media?

Without further ado; the entire Filmistan was recently in New York for IIFA 2017. 

Yes, obviously there was a ‘give and give(no taking here)’ of many awards but it is imperative that I tell you-


Shahid Kapoor won the Best Actor Male for his amazing performance in ‘Udta Punjab’. 

But hey, what If I tell you that wasn’t even close to what I’m about to tell you? No, I’m not taking credits from Shahid but you gotta do what you gotta do…


It was Katrina Kaif who stole the show by being present in two places at the same time. Watch it here to believe it! 

I’m not sure as to what went down at the edit bay but this is exactly what Christopher Nolan is famous for! That or Katrina Kaif is the Mother of Dragons who can time-travel! 


Needless to say, Twitter is abuzzzzz.

1. No guesses there.


2. Precisely!


3. That’s a hit formula for a TV series right there!


4. Gotcha!


5. Memorable is the word.


6. So I have heard!


7. The nation wants to know!

8. Not the only one pal!

Well, it seems like somebody is not getting an award for editing anytime soon! But whatever floats the boat!