People Online Support Katrina Kaif After X User Calls Her Out For ‘Controlling’ Vicky Kaushal

A few months ago, the internet lost its calm when Alia Bhatt revealed that her husband Ranbir Kapoor likes the natural colour of her lips and hence, asks her to remove lipstick whenever she applies it. People called him toxic and controlling and were legit worried for Alia. However, the argument has flipped now that Katrina Kaif is in question.

So a video of Vicky Kaushal went viral wherein the actor revealed that his wife, Katrina Kaif doesn’t allow him to get out of the house if he isn’t dressed according to her liking. He revealed that she labels him as a “joker” and physically stops him from getting out of the house. A user on X shared the video and wrote, “I remember how Ranbir Kapoor was dragged as a red flag for a misquote that Alia did and even clarified but people label him toxic still. Here is a clear case of Katrina Kaif being a toxic red flag but no one will speak about it.”

Have a look:

“On the surface level, she has added what kind of clothes I should wear because she is like, ‘Kya joker banke ja raha hai ye’,” Vicky says in the video.

And many people immediately came to her defence and said that a wife trying to make her husband look better is not toxic. Instead, it is lovable. Have a look:

However, we can’t help but wonder if the roles were flipped and it was Vicky who stopped Katrina from getting out of the house unless she was dressed a certain way, then how would people react?

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