Fasting Tomorrow? These Karva Chauth Memes Will Help You Stay Away From The Fridge


Karva Chauth is here, a.k.a. the sanskaari day of love for married couples, as portrayed by Bollywood and Hindi TV serials. And one of the defining features of the festival is fasting all day for the lambi umar of your significant other (won’t be making any gender assumptions here :P). And it is no easy feat to achieve.

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Twitter, as usual, is already abuzz with hilarious memes and jokes. Check them out:

1. 2020 Pandemic Special!

2. For all the die-hard foodies out there who suffer from hunger pangs!

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karwa chauth memes
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3. Oh My God ‘Turu Lob’

Karva Chauth memes

4. And what happens as usual

For all those who would be fasting, may the moon appear in the sky ASAP tomorrow. Happy Karva Chauth everyone! 😀

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