Karnataka Couple’s Wedding Invite Looks Like Voter ID Card To Inspire People To Vote


The big fat Indian wedding, has always been an event of a lifetime in most houses in the country. People celebrate with all the dhoom-dhaam and show-sha. Now with the advent of social media, it’s become even more of a grand occasion. Pre-wedding shoots, opulent wedding cards, shaadi shoots with firecrackers, and what not!

However there are some people who use their wedding as a platform to promote a cause close to their heart. Do you remember that Nashik couple who promoted blood and organ donation on their wedding? 700 guests took the organ donation pledge that day.

Now, Karnataka couple are using their wedding to increase voter turn-out. Siddappa Doddachikkannanavar and his fiancee Jyoti sent out shaadi invitations to look like voter IDs in a bid to make people vote in the upcoming elections.

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There’s less than a month left for the crucial assembly elections in Karnataka and the couple hopes that this may inspire their friends and family to not waste their civic right and exercise their vote.


 According to Bangalore Mirror, Siddappa, an employee with Railways at Vasco in Goa said said that his misson has been to promote Kannada in Goa. He added,

“I wanted to do something unique for my wedding to promote Kannada. When I discussed the same with my friend Karibasappa Gondi, a constable, he suggested that we should do something to encourage voting keeping in mind the assembly elections. With the support of my friend Channabasappa, we designed a wedding card which resembles the voting ID card. Even the fonts and style are the same.”


The card boasts of customised details for the to-be-married couple’s wedding. Like instead of having a picture of the voter, there’s a happy photo of the couple. Even the Functional Unique Serial Number (FUSN) on the card – SJMRG27042018- is actually the couple’s initials and the date of the wedding. Even the voter name has been changed to the couple’s names.

The card includes a notice to people saying “your vote is valuable”. It also includes a plea to all guests saying that they shouldn’t sell their votes.

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In a report by Eenaduindia it says that the couple took permission from the District Collector to print their wedding cards to look like voter ID cards.


Siddappa said that about 1,200 cards have been printed till now and the response has been positive. The district administration has also been very appreciative of the initiative.

What a great cause right?! Voting is so imperative in a democracy but unfortunately people forget that. So here’s a wedding invite to make sure you remember!

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