Video Shows Karnataka MLA Slapping A Man, He Calls It ‘Bonding’ After Facing Flak

We often come across politicians who behave in ways that are deemed unacceptable considering they occupy a position of power. For example, in the past, a Madhya Pradesh minister told parents to “go die” after they complained of school fees hike despite classes not taking place. Another example is when the Fisheries minister of Tamil Nadu let fishermen carry him so his shoes wouldn’t get dirty.

And now, a politician in Karnataka was caught on video slapping a party worker after he allegedly tried to put his hands on his shoulders, reports India Today. The politician has been identified as DK Shivakumar, who is the MLA from Kanakapura, reports Times Now. Have a look at the video here:

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As the video went viral, people online slammed the MLA for slapping the party worker. Many pointed out how it is unbecoming of a politician to behave in such a way.

However, after facing flak for his actions, MLA Shivakumar claimed that the worker is a distant relative and that it was due to the “bonding” between them that he slapped him.

“Yes, itโ€™s true that I hit him. He is known to us. He is also our distant relative. That’s the bonding between us,” he said.

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