Annoyed Karnataka Minister Hits A Man Taking A Selfie And The Internet Can’t Stop LOLing!

Many believe that selfies are a menace feeding our innate narcissism. Often, one is just in the mood to go ballistic on people who don’t see the occasion but want to keep taking snapping on. Heck, I sometimes get annoyed with my friends who go on a selfie rampage.

However, Karnataka Congress minister DK Shivakumar actually executed the idea and hit the man behind him taking a selfie. And what’s better than that? The media was present to capture this rather hilarious moment.

The minister had gone to Belgaum for a child rights event when he lost his cool.

Shivkumar was busy giving a serious media interview when the man behind him decided that it was the perfect time to click a selfie with people. Irritated with his actions Shivkumar swatted him.

Maybe his phone also fell in the process, but don’t quote me on that!

The video is going viral and making the Twitter rounds. People have the most amusing responses to it.

1. Who remembers the Pakistani journalist?

2. Yeah, he did!


4. This user didn’t see the video I think!

5. I dare you!

6. FOMO!

7. I’d watch that!

8. She said it!

9. Chinese you listening?

10. Selfies are health hazards!

Ya, it wasn’t correct to hit anyone but it came from a place of deep annoyance. And it was hilarious! I’m just happy the media was there to capture this opportune moment!