When His Family Was Refused Electricity, This Farmer Built A Windmill All By Himself.

In a country where around 30% of the population still lives without electricity, there is one man who is changing the world in a way that most of us can only dream of.

So far, it seems he’s doing one hell of a job. And I am pretty sure, you haven’t heard of him.

Siddappa Hulajogi is a farmer who lives in Nargund, in Karnataka’s Gadag district. He is uneducated and despite the odds, he has designed a windmill, made of waste materials that can generate power.

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4 years back, he built the windmill to support his farm. And now, the electricity generated helps to operate a bore well and provide electricity for him home as well as his brother’s home.


When the electricity supply company refused to provide electricity to his brother’s home, 15 years ago, he decided to generate his own electricity.

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With the help of 3 tin sheets and scrap metal he built a big wheel and used copper wires to make a spinning propeller. The power generated is stored in a battery box and connected to the battery to convert DC current into AC.


As reported by DNA, this is what Siddappa had to say:

“The windmill generates power to light up 10 bulbs of 60 watts and two TV sets in my home and my brother‚Äôs.”
This is just another example of how rural innovations are impacting the community, society and the world at large.


Keep fighting, Siddappa. More power to you. ūüôā

News Source: DNA, Think Change India

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