Karnataka Farmer Insulted At Car Showroom, He Returns With ₹10 Lakhs In 30 Mins To Buy SUV

Never judge a book by its cover.

We all have heard this saying in our lives. But the sales executives at a car showroom in Tumakuru, Karnataka, didn’t quite get the memo as they shooed away a farmer who had come along with his friends to purchase a car.

Kempegowda RL and his friends visited the showroom to buy a brand new SUV. But the sales executives ended up humiliating him saying that he looked too poor to purchase a car. According to TOI, they told the farmer that he wouldn’t even have “Rs 10 in his pocket”, let alone Rs 10 lakhs for the car.

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Kempegowda and his group left the showroom, but before leaving, he challenged the sales executives that he would return back with Rs 10 lakhs in hand and demanded that they deliver the car that day itself if he is able to do so.

“He thought we won’t be able to pull together that much cash because banks were closed by then,” Kempegowda told TOI.

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He came back with Rs 10 lakhs and the executives at the showroom were left stunned. However, they appealed that they won’t be able to deliver the car as Saturday and Sunday were bank holidays. This made Kempegowda angrier, who called the police to register a complaint.

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The group refused to leave the showroom but after the intervention of a police officer, they went home.

“I’ve asked the sales executive and the showroom authorities to apologise to us in writing for humiliating me and my friends… Now, I’ve lost interest in buying the vehicle,” Kempegowda said.

Well, it’s a loss for the sales executives!

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