Karnataka Couple Celebrate Their 18th Wedding Anniversary At A Graveyard

Superstitions have taken a few different forms over the years. It has gone from stuff like “If you hand over a pair of scissors to someone, blade side first, then you both will fight,” to “share this article with 5 friends, to avoid a year of bad luck.” However, some things have stayed the same. Like our fear for graveyards. As educated as you may be, save for a courageous few, none of us would dare to step foot in a graveyard alone by choice.

So when a couple from Karnataka decided to celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary in a graveyard, their acquaintances and relatives were shocked.

Anitha and Pavan Kumar Valakeri set an example with their wedding anniversary through this move to raise awareness against superstitions.

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These residents of Nandikur village in Kalaburagi, Karnataka cleaned the graveyard with their family and friends. They also planted saplings.

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Speaking to Times Of India, Pavan Kumar, who is a social activist says he was keen to raise awareness on the perils of superstitions among the people.

He adds:

“I decided to celebrate my wedding anniversary at this place…”

The couple sat before a grave an exchanged garlands with their guests cheering.

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They say:

“Our guests hesitated at first but we convinced them to come here. on the first day, we celebrated at the graveyard and on the second,we gave sewing training to the women of the surrounding villages of kotnoor, Khanadal, panegaum, itaga, sitanoor and nandikur.”

In addition to these, they also donated blood to a private hospital blood bank, along with 28 other people.

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While most people opt to spend an insane amount of money on celebrations such as this, this couple has set a worthy example. It’s about time we got over our superstitions that hinder us from doing many things. Also, hearty congratulations to this pathbreaking couple on their wedding anniversary.