Karnataka College Principal Smashes Students’ Cellphones With Hammer As Punishment

College is universally recognised as the place where we finally don’t have to wear uniforms, can roam around freely with nobody questioning us, can occasionally bunk classes and not have the lecturers make it a big deal, and being able to carry cellphones. College is like the official gateway of adult life. Or so we thought…

Being able to carry cellphones to college is a given, right? However, MES Chaitanya PU College, Karnataka has banned the usage of cellphones in college. When the students did not abide by the college rule and continued using their phones inside classes, their Principal decided to take a drastic step.

According to sources, the college authorities conducted a surprise check and confiscated 16 mobile phones. The students were then asked to assemble in the college hall. To the utter shock of the students, the Principal went on to ruthlessly smash 2 cellphones with a hammer!

A video of the entire smashing incident has gone viral. Have a look:

Speaking to sources,┬áKarnataka Associated Managements of English Medium Schools general secretary D Shashi Kumar said that the situation in schools, as well as colleges, is “getting out of hand and such punishments are necessary”.

Netizens are slamming the Principal of the college for taking such a “mindless” step as punishment. Some claim that he had no right damaging someone else’s property.

Was the Principal’s action justified? Let us know!

Nevertheless, a lot of us would suffer a mini heart attack if this were to happen to us!