Karnataka Bar Comes Up With A Quirky “Don’t Drink & Drive” Warning, Make Netizens ROFL

“Drink and drive! Jail, hospital, morgue ahead” reads a road sign somewhere! We, many a time, come across such wise and sarcastic road safety warnings. Remember the one shared by Mumbai police on New Year’s Eve? It read, “Every group has that one friend who says, ‘you drink, I’ll drive'”.

Taking a jibe at drunk drivers with a creative warning is one of the best ways to spread awareness about its risks. A bar in Mangaluru, Karnataka picked up a similar quirky joke on drink and drive warnings. They put it up on their menu to warn its customers about the potential ‘side effects’ of drunk driving.

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The message says:

“Don’t drink and drive”
Because there are people out there who text & DRIVE…. and they will hit you and IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT…

Though not original, it’s certainly hilarious! Agree?

This is the DON’T DRINK & DRIVE warning on the menu of Bar and Restaurant in Mangalore. from india

Loaded with sarcasm, the message is being loved by the Indian redditors. As soon as it was shared on Reddit by a user, it went viral and spread like a wildfire amassing several reactions.

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However, jokes aside, drunk driving is a serious crime. It not only puts your own life in danger but also risks the lives of those on the road and people with you in the vehicle.

Moreover, if you are caught by the cops driving under the influence of alcohol in India, you will be put behind the bars for at least 6 months. You will also be slapped with a penalty of Rs 2000 to Rs 10000 for the same! Oh, and did I mention you could also be DEAD. *Poof* *Gone* #thatsright

So save life, save money and do not drink and drive!

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