Bebo’s ‘New Year Diet Fail’ Post Proves It’s Okay To Cheat On Your Diet Resolution

There’s a 50% change your new year resolution list looks something like this:
Go on a diet. Ditch outside food. Eat more greens.
Get a tattoo.

Well, if not the last one, at least the diet and exercise part would surely make the cut. Because it is from the 1st of January every year that we decide that we’ll change our lives for the better. Fair warning, most people fail to stick by it.

And it’s only natural! Innumerable YouTube videos and articles will have you believe that in order to get that zero-fat body and flat stomach, you need to cut out on all the good stuff – like that piece of chocolate cake or kaju barfi that you love. Keto, intermittent fasting and whatnot are shoved into our brains by every other ‘fitness blogger’ out there on social media.

And what happens when we aren’t able to stick to that ‘diet’? We feel guilty. We feel worthless. We crib. We cry. We want to disappear.

However, Kareena Kapoor set things straight. The actor who was once the go-to reference for a size-0 body is now keeping it real. On Instagram, she posted a picture of herself gorging on a big, fat croissant and wrote, “It was supposed to be an eat healthy first Monday of the year and blah blah but…it’s a croissant so just go for it…do what your heart desires.”

For the longest time, actors were considered to be these perfect people who didn’t slip – who didn’t mess up a diet and who didn’t skip a workout. Thankfully, nowadays we are getting to see a more real side of these celebrities who have the ability to inspire millions.

Her post struck a chord with lots of people online and here’s what they had to say:

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Thanks for reminding us that diet fails are okay, Bebo!

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