Only True Bebo Fans Can Match Her Popular Looks To The Films In This Quiz

Over the years, Kareena Kapoor has delivered stellar performances and box office hits which helped her establish a strong place in the film industry. Despite getting married and having two children (an occurrence after which most older actresses quit doing films), she kept doing films, great films, making the point that she isn’t going anywhere.

So, if you are a big Kareena Kapoor fan, guess which films these iconic looks are from:

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1. Kareena's first film ever!

2. One of her best performances.

3. This film was an adaptation of a Shakespearean play.

4. This look truly made us say 'Oh my darling, I love you"!

5. Probably her most iconic look! Which film is this from?

6. Can watch this film again and again!

7. In this 2009 film, the songs as well as Bebo's looks were spectacular.

8. Which film is this look from?

9. She looked stunning as the Princess of Kalinga!

10. Bebo's character was a doctor in this film.

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