Kalimpong Woman’s Food Business Booms After Bebo Gives Special Shoutout To Her On Instagram

Kareena Kapoor Khan was recently in Kalimpong shooting for her upcoming film. There, she came across Mrs. Neena Pradhan, a woman who is a chef and runs a speciality inn and kitchen called ‘Neena’s Kitchen’. Kareena ate a variety of dishes from there over 3 days, including Khao-suey, items from Nepali cuisine, and Tiramisu.


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Kareena had also given a special shoutout to the kitchen on her Instagram stories and posted pictures of the Khao-suey and tiramisu, calling it the “best meal ever”. Her Instagram account has over 9 million followers. As a result, several people have been enquiring about Neena’s kitchen and its speciality dishes, especially the Tiramisu!

“Kareena Kapoor Khan had somehow heard about me and wanted food from my kitchen. I had sent her the menu and since then, she has ordered food from my place during the past three days. We later found out that my daughter-in-law and Kareena studied in the same school, Welham Girls’ School in Dehradun. Both of us wanted to meet her and today (Monday), got the chance. She was very polite and down to earth with us. It is great to see that she has liked our food and posted on social media. Getting appreciation from such a celebrity is indeed an achievement,” Neena told The Telegraph.

On Instagram, Neena’s Kitchen revealed that there has been a massive surge of interest regarding the Tiramisu that Kareena had. So much so, that they named the dish after the actor. It is now called ‘Kareenamisu’!

“There has naturally been a surge of interest for Kareena’s Tiramisù and we are still getting many queries on what this dish is about,” they wrote.


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People online lauded Kareena for using her influence to boom the business of a local woman. Here’s what many of them said:

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Love Bebo for doing this!

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