Kareena Reveals Jeh Was A Difficult Pregnancy, Says Breastfeeding Him Feels Like An Achievement

From embracing pregnancy at 39, to opening up about nepotism Kareena Kapoor has often gotten candid about her life. This time around, the actress speaks of becoming a mom for the second time. Kapoor admitted her first pregnancy was like a breeze which is why she chose childbirth again.

However, TNN reports her saying, “This time, it was difficult. Jeh was difficult. There was fear of breastfeeding because I wasn’t getting enough when I delivered Jeh. There was a lot of mental distress I was going through at that time. 

She explains, “I felt my body had stretched, my feet were feeling like 100 kgs. This pregnancy was different than Taimur’s. That was fun. Taimur was an abrupt Caesarean. I literally had no milk for over 14 days. I was completely dry. My mom and my nurse would be hovering by my side, pressing at my boobs and wondering why ‘it’ wasn’t happening.”

HT quoted her as having written, “During Jeh’s birth, I did manage to nurse him. I’ll admit it – breastfeeding him (and doing it exclusively for a few weeks) felt like an achievement!”

Everyone has a unique journey to parenting and motherhood. It is only by embracing the fact that it is going to be an imperfect one that we can feel truly at ease. Don’t you think?

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