Karan Mehra On Life After Domestic Violence Charges, Says He Hasn’t Seen Son For 3 Months

In June, popular television actor Karan Mehra was accused of domestic violence by his wife and fellow TV actor Nisha Rawal. The Goregaon Police filed a complaint against him under the necessary sections of the IPC following which he was arrested. Soon after, Karan was out on bail and has been fighting his case ever since.

In a recent interview, the ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ actor opened up about how his life has been post the severe allegations. He alleged that he has not seen his son, Kavish, for over 3 months. Hindustan Times quoted him saying:

“It has been more than three months and I am fighting the battle. I have not seen Kavish for more than 100 days, not able to enter my home or take my belongings. It has been an emotional, disturbing and painful time for all of us. We are fighting it as a family.”

He went on to add that alongside him, his family suffered too and claimed that they were “falsely implicated” in the case.

“It is not right to put my parents through all this, especially when my dad is a heart patient. It is quite disturbing. The proceedings, the process and the fight are not easy. I am out of my house while she and her brother are in the house, aaram se.”

He went on to add:

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“You can’t go head on in such matters. One can say anything about anyone but it doesn’t make it the truth. I don’t have to counter and give my safai to every allegation and not doing so, doesn’t make me wrong. It doesn’t have to be a public trial. Kavish will see stories online of our fights. Things are being handled legally and I will let things take their course.”

Addressing the many men who are falsely accused of such charges, he said:

“If a person like me is going through this, then one can’t even imagine what a regular guy must be going through. It is very difficult for you personally, family, people associated with you and for your work. Thankfully, I have so many people who have been supportive, which really matters to me.”

We hope that the matter resolves soon.

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