A Troll Asked Karan Johar If He’d Launch Him For Sex And KJo’s Reply Is SAVAGE!

Karan Johar, for the longest period of time, was the butt of numerous homosexual jokes. While he always refrained himself from making headlines, talking about his sexuality, trolls in Twitterverse never spared a day, taking a dig at the director/producer.

However, he recently released his autobiography, ‘An Unsuitable Boy‘ that answered all our queries at once. True, he opened up about his sexual orientation in a way like never before but the confession also opened gates to a lot of criticism from the LGBTQ community in India for doing so in apprehensions.

That was yesterday, today, Karan was trying to have his moment of silence when a troll decided to perturb. But, this time Karan had no apprehensions to shed!



It all started when a pensive Karan tweeted,


To which, a local, pathetic excuse of ‘Sherlock’ replied, asking,



And he had had it from Karan, who spoke his heart out sans inhibitions!

Now, can we spare Karan some slack?

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