Karan Johar Reveals How He Got To Know About Alia Bhatt’s Pregnancy, Was In ‘Tears’

Recently, Alia Bhatt announced her pregnancy after 2 months into marrying Ranbir Kapoor and the country collectively lost its calm. Now, this is the child of Alia and Ranbir we are talking about – someone who will be born into two families that have a massive film legacy. And amongst the many people who can’t wait for the baby to arrive is Karan Johar.

KJo has gone on record multiple times to state that Alia is like his own daughter. He has known her ever since she was a child and mentored her throughout her journey in the film industry. As we all know, he launched her too with ‘Student of the Year’.

According to NDTV, Karan Johar opened up about how Alia broke the news to him and how he instantly was in tears.

“She came to my office. I remember I was having a bad hair day and I was sitting in a hoodie with cap. And she told me this. My first emotion was, tears just came out and Alia came and gave me a hug. I remember saying, ‘I can’t believe you are having a baby’. It feels like your baby is having a baby. It was a very emotional moment for me, it still is!” he said.

He went on to express how he’s seen Alia transform from a child into an “outstanding artiste” and that holding her baby in his arms will be a very emotional moment.

“I’ve seen her from a girl transforming into an outstanding artiste, into this wonderful self-assured woman. And I feel so much pride. She was my first burst of being a parent. My first burst of parenting was when she walked into my office when she was 17. She’s 29 today and these last 12 years have been magical for both of us. I share such a strong bond with her. I can’t wait to hold her baby in my arms. It will be a very emotional moment, as close to when I held my own children,” he said.

Can’t wait for this wonder-baby to arrive!

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