Kapil Sharma Reveals Why He Initially Said ‘No’ To Wife Ginni When She Caught Feelings For Him

Kapil Sharma, who is now a comedian and the host of his own show, came from a humble family. He is now married to Ginni Chatrath has two kids, Anayra and Trishaan. However, in the past, Kapil had said no to the idea of him and Ginni being together.

According to DNA, Kapil Sharma revealed that Ginni came from a wealthy family and arrived at college in luxury cars. He said that the cost of those cars was much more than his entire family’s worth.


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“Ginni was in a girls’ college in Jalandhar doing her graduation, 3-4 years my junior, and I was in a co-ed college studying for a PG diploma in commercial arts. For pocket money, I would participate in theatre and visit other colleges. She was a really good student of mine. Now, of course, she’s become my teacher after marriage!” Kapil said.

He went on to add that he had told Ginni that it wouldn’t be possible for them to be together.

“She was good at skits and histrionics, so I made her my assistant. Then I found out that madam started liking me, so I explained to her that the car you come in costs more than what my entire family put together is worth! So, it just wouldn’t be possible between us.”


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When Ginni was asked why she chose Kapil, she jokingly said, “Maine socha paise wale see toh sabhi pyaar karte hain, is gareeb ka bhala hi kar dun.”

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