Kapil Dev Gets Candid About How He Proposed To Wife Romi In A Romantic Way


Kapil Dev has been one of the greatest all-rounders in World Cricket history, and his impact is unparalleled within the arena. Recently, he got candid and delved into some of the more personal aspects of his life off-field.


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As per a report in HT, Kapil Dev opened up about his relationship with his wife Romi Bhatia on a talk show, recalling his indirect and old-fashioned marriage proposal to her. He further revealed how Romi’s father and grandfather reacted to his profession of playing cricket for a living.

Kapil and Romi Dev have been married for 40 years.

He shared, “We were traveling in a car and that time an Amul ad was there. Amul had come out with a great ad. So, instead of ‘couple of these’, they said ‘Kapil of these make all the difference’, with my two teeth coming out with butter. So that ad, it was very funny and I said to my better half, ‘Rom, iska photo le lo (Romi, take its picture).’ She said, ‘Kyu? (Why).’ I said, ‘bacho ko dikhaenge (We will show this to our kids).’ So she said, ‘Are you proposing?’ I said, ‘what’s it sound like?’”


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He further revealed that while Romi’s father was still okay with him being a cricketer, her grandfather couldn’t fathom someone playing cricket for a living.

Kapil recounts, “Jab my father-in-law talked to his father ki ladki ke sath yeh ladka hai, kehte kya karta hai, kehte cricket khelta hai, who toh thik hai par karta kya hai. Who puche ja rahe hai, old man must be 90 years old (When my father-in-law told his own father that their girl has found a boy, he asked ‘what does the guy do?’ On being told that the guy plays cricket, he said that ‘it’s fine that he plays cricket’ but kept on asking, ‘what does he do for a living?).”


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Nevertheless, Kapil and Romi finally got married in the year 1980, three years before India’s memorable World Cup win in England.


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