Kanye West & Microsoft Excel Had A Weird Twitter Conversation Leaving Everyone Amused

If you have been up to date with what’s happening on the Twitterverse, you might know that Kanye West re-activated his Twitter earlier this month. For those who’re learning about it just now, you’re welcome.

Although fans have rejoiced his return to social media, there’s no denying that they’ve noticed how weird he has been acting lately. From tweeting woke messages to supporting Donald Trump, it’s been one helluva ride. However, things got stranger than the Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’ when he took on Microsoft Excel. Yes, you read that right.

In a recent tweet, Kanye took a blatant dig on our long-time, professional friend Microsoft Excel. It was devoid of profanity, but it was hurtful.

If you’re expecting context for this statement, no, there isn’t any.

Obviously, fans of the producer of spreadsheets didn’t take it very well and clapped back at Kanye.

Exactly! Just because Kanye’s a few years older than Excel, doesn’t mean he can ask it to spontaneously incinerate itself.

MS Excel finally gained some motivation and thanked its loyal fan for standing up to the controversial pop-star.

Twitter obviously eavesdropped on this wacky conversation and couldn’t contain themselves from laughing.

1. Who knew Excel would win the internet?

2. Excel just made everyone’s day.

3. Pun game, strong!

4. Old and gold.

5. Why fear when Excel is here?

You know how elders keep complaining about the internet being full of negativity and how we’re turning into addicts. But how in the hell are you going to witness a conversation between an international pop-star, a parody account of a band and a legendary computer application? The question’s rhetorical. You won’t.

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