Kangana Ranaut Says Nepotism Was Never Her Problem After Joining Hands With Ekta Kapoor

Not once, but on several occasions, Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has spoken her mind against nepotism in B-town. And ever since she kick-started a debate on it, several stars including celebrated chef cum filmmaker Vikas Khanna backed her claims.


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But now when she was asked why she is opposing it, she said that nepotism was never a problem for her. Recently, the actor was interacting with the press for the promotion of her new program that she is doing in collaboration with producer Ekta Kapoor.

And it’s during this meeting that she backed Kapoor and said that more than nepotism, it was the ganging up on the outsiders in Bollywood that bothered her. She said so after being criticized for joining hands with Ekta.

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“Nepotism was never my problem. The problem was ganging up on outsiders because of nepotism. There is a difference. If you are doing your job quietly, no problem. But to say ‘ye outsider hain, ye yaha nahi hone chahiye because ye humare baap dada ki jagah hai (These are outsiders who have no right to be here because this is our ancestors’ land), isn’t it wrong? Ekta has never been a part of a bully gang, that I can assure you (sic).”

A clip of her saying so went viral online.

After all those controversial statements, this one comes as a shocker. Do you think her stance changed since she is working on a project with Ekta?

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