“Back Was Severely Damaged” Kangana Speaks Of Gaining 20Kgs For Her Role In ‘Thalaivi’

We’ve often seen actors go through major physical transformations to accurately represent their movie characters. For instance, Aamir Khan gained extra kilos for the film ‘Dangal’ or Rajkumar Rao achieved a leaner look for his role in ‘Trapped’. However, it takes actors a lot of hard work and effort to get into the skin of their characters.

Recently, Kangana Ranaut, who is playing the lead role in a biopic on former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, opened up about her weight gain journey for the role. The actor revealed that her back was severely damaged while gaining 20 kilograms to play the titular role. Kangana, who is back to her fit self, opened up about her journey of weight management on social media.

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Stating that she wanted to execute the role to perfection, the ‘Queen’ actor said that she still needs to lose 5 kgs. She tweeted, tweeted, “Journey back to my fit body wasn’t easy, I feel good but even in seven months not able to achieve my earlier stamina and agility back and those last 5 kgs aren’t budging. There are moments of despair and then my director Vijay sir shows me Thalaivi footage and all seems fine.”

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Kudos to the actor for her dedication towards her craft. It’s always a treat to see actors put in those extra efforts for their roles!

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