Kangana Ranaut On Materialism: Men Are Running This Race, The Women Feel Vulnerable

Kangana Ranaut always wears her heart on her sleeve. Be it her honest confessions about her personal life or her candid opinions about the entertainment industry, the Bollywood actress never minces her words.

Recently, the national-award-winning actress, who has reportedly purchased a new plush office space-cum-studio worth Rs. 48 crores in Mumbai, spoke about her journey to the top. She shed light on the societal judgments she faced and how people might have thought that she was a ‘gold-digger’, reports the Republic World.

Speaking about her struggles, the ‘Queen’ actress was quoted saying by Filmfare,

“To be honest, I never thought I’d come this far. I never had these as my primary ambitions. I didn’t have material ambitions. But it started off when I saw that women are hugely judged for not going after material ambitions.”

“Men are running this race. The women feel vulnerable at that point. Being a woman, I don’t think about money,” she added. She revealed that even though she doesn’t chase after materialistic satisfaction but she thinks from the outer perspective, she is often viewed in a negative light.

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The actress added,

“But am I looked like that from an outer perspective? That I’m a gold digger from a small town? This is something that has been so obnoxiously told to me which changed the course of my life forever.” 

“Then, it became about material things. Then, I thought that maybe, I will have a fair chance in society if I have that.” Kangana revealed that her new goal is to become one of the richest people in India by the time she turns 50. Well, we wish her good luck with all her future endeavors.

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