Kangana Ranaut Enjoys A Picnic In The Hills Of Manali, Watch Video


Actress Kangana Ranaut is making the most of this lockdown period, tucked in the hills of Manali right before the monsoon season is about to commence. She organized an idyllic picnic for her family and shared the video on Instagram.

She passed her time singing, dancing, rolling on the grass, and enjoying a hearty meal with everyone. Her mother and her nephew Prithvi also enjoyed themselves with the actress and sharing happy moments together, reports TOI.


The caption reads, “Kangana Ranaut organized a picnic for her family, and because of lockdown, there are no tourists in the valley. The result? A freedom-filled and happy time in the valley that she hasn’t seen in years. Nature has a way of healing us and everything has a silver lining, we need to look for it!”

Her sister Rangoli Chandel also took to Instagram to share some picturesque photos of the location and how they spent some quality time with each other. Her caption read, “On our parent’s request Kangana planned a picnic for the family before the rains here they wanted to enjoy summer outdoors, even though we are in green zone but it was a long a tedious process to get permissions, thanking all the authorities in Himanchal to help us with required permissions, it was a much-needed family outing.”


Kangana’s digital team also tweeted the same for clarification. They thanked the Himachal authorities for granting them all relevant permissions to conduct a gathering during the lockdown, even though they were in the green zone.

They all indeed seem to have had a lot of fun. The photos and videos are indeed breathtaking and awe-inspiring!

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