Kangana Breaks Silence After Getting Suspended From Twitter, Calls It ‘Death Of Democracy’

34-year-old Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut often grabbed the limelight for her tweets before her account got permanently suspended after repeatedly violating the Twitter policy on “hateful conduct and abusive behavior”.

Many people from the industry criticized her as well, from fashion designers boycotting her after her Twitter suspension to being called ‘the most hilarious stand-up comedian’ by TV actor Karan Patel for her tweets on oxygen being ‘forcefully’ taken from the environment to meet the current medical demand.

After her account’s suspension, she released an official media statement stating that “Twitter proved her point that they are Americans and by birth, they think it is their right to enslave a brown person.” She also added that she has many other platforms to raise her voice, including her own art in the form of cinema, Jagran English reports.

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The actress also took to her official Instagram account in retaliation to post a video message sharing her views while visibly tearing up. In the nearly 2-minute video, she termed the silence of the liberal international media platforms as a “conspiracy against India”. She further appealed that the ‘President’s Rule’ be implemented in the country. Check it out:

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