Kangana Shares Painful Memory Of What It Was Like Being The 2nd Girl Child In Her Family

A while back, actress Kangana Ranaut talked about how her father wanted her to be a doctor but she refused to go to school. When he tried to slape her, she said, “‘if you slap me I will slap you back.” She also revealed that she left home at 15 with nothing but the constant c with which she could solve any equation. This constant c, she said, is God.

Now, she has tweeted recalling her childhood saying,

“My birthday month, growing up grannies told stories that after a sister another girl childbirth disappointed everyone but they didn’t mind much cos I was very beautiful and marrying me off won’t be a big burden, they all laughed at anecdotes but it pierced my heart every-time.”

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She added that extraordinary people were often rejected by their families or society and all their hardships eventually contributed to their success in life.

On the work front, the actress is working on movies like Tejas, Thalaivi, and Dhaakad.

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