‘Delhi Boys Pay Your Bill, Mumbai Boys Dutch On Dates’ Kangana On Dating Guys From Both Cities

On social media, you will find plenty of Mumbai versus Delhi debates. Most of them discuss which city is a better place to live, which has better employment opportunities, transport, and of course, food. However, Kangana Ranaut shed light on the boys of Mumbai and Delhi and what it’s like to date them.

According to Kangana, guys in Delhi would drive her around and pay for her food whenever they ate outside. She would be taken to many fancy places and even though she used to pay the bill sometimes, mostly, the guys used to treat her and her friends.


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Hindustan Times quoted her saying:

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“Delhi was a very different experience. I don’t know how it is now, but back then we were 5-6 girls, and all of us had male friends. Unko hamne apna driver banaya hota tha (We had made them our drivers). They used to take us out, they used to pay bills for us. This is a compliment for you Delhi boys. They would completely pay your bills, anyway we ate very little. They used to take us to very fancy places. When I was making money, then I would also pay sometimes, so there was no stress about paying.”

When it comes to Mumbai, Kangana Ranaut revealed that the bill was always split, even when she was on a date. Talking about the “culture shock” she received in Mumbai, the actor said:

“But when I came to Mumbai, even if you go on a date, you have to dutch. So this was very new to me, it was a bit of a culture shock. Even in Chandigarh I never paid on a date. But in Mumbai everybody is so practical that even if you are on a date you have to pay equal. If you had water then you pay for it. I think it’s fine. I don’t think it’s not cool, it’s cool.”

So which would you prefer – Delhi or Mumbai? 😛

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