Kangana Speaks Of Love & Dignity In A World Of Nepotism And “Materialistic People”

Actor Kangana Ranaut has never shied away from speaking her mind, be it on the malaises of Bollywood or about her love life. The ‘Queen’ actor has often locked horns with several B-town biggies and has voiced her opinions fearlessly.

Recently, in an interview, the bold and beautiful actor opened up about being called a gold digger and battling financial crisis during her initial days in the industry.

DNA quoted her saying, “When I look back at my journey, I do feel proud but at the same time, I’d say that when I started, I didn’t have any material ambitions. It’s only a few years ago when I had a fallout with one of my exes and the whole legal case happened.”

“I remember it became a discussion that I’m from a small town, I’m after his money. It was like that and girls are judged on that basis. I started to think on those lines ever since.”

She even said how she’s become materialistic over the years. “Maybe being a woman, I don’t look at money but am I looked at like that from an outside perspective that I’m a gold digger from a small town. It’s something that is so obnoxiously said to you that it can change the course of your life. So then, it became about material things,” she added.

She further divulged she didn’t know how to prove that she wasn’t a gold digger. Talking of which, Hindustan Times quoted her saying:

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“In a relationship, how does one who doesn’t have such possessions, comes from a small town with a humble background, have no chance of love, dignity?”

“That person suddenly doesn’t have a say in this world of nepotistic materialistic people. Today, I can proudly say that my ex lives in a rented house funded by his father and I have bought my house and office space on my own,” she exclaimed.

Sharing about her struggles in the industry and battling financial woes, the National Award winner said, “I remember after Gangster, I was going for these award functions where I was getting an award.”

“I didn’t have clothes to wear. I didn’t even have any money to buy those clothes.”

“So, there was this designer friend of mine, Rick Roy, who used to sponsor my clothes. He was struggling himself but his parents were supporting him.” But thankfully, because of Rick, she was able to attend some of them. “He would make these gowns for me and I’d wonder where he’s getting the money from.”

“But it was wonderful that somebody came to my help. Otherwise, how would I even go to these functions? I wouldn’t have made it to those award nights.”

“Otherwise, I used to wear a few ‘Mango’ tops and for me, those were the luxury brands. That was the best I could afford at that point. I didn’t have access to anything. From there, I came here so it’s amazing,” she smiled.

In an industry where keeping a good rapport with the big guns adds to one’s advantage, Kangana decided to take charge of her own career and fight against all odds, single-handedly, and we respect her for that.

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