Kangana Ranaut Can’t Believe ‘Brahmastra’ Box Office Numbers, Wants To Interview KJo

Kangana Ranaut has been after Karan Johar literally ‘haath dho ke’. She also claims that with her back-to-back digs at him, she had made him more popular than all his work put together.

After the release of the movie ‘Brahmastra Part One: Shiva’ directed by Ayan Mukerji and produced by Karan Johar, she called it a disaster.


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Now, when reports suggest that the movie is doing good at the box office, she thinks the numbers are manipulated. Taking to her Instagram stories, the ‘Queen’ actor wrote that she wants to interview Karan Johar and understand why is he sharing the gross collection of ‘Brahmastra’ and not the net collection.

“I want to interview Karan Johar and understand why is he declaring gross collection and not net collection? What is the desperation?”

She added that the net collection of the film is Rs 60 crore for two days which she doesn’t believe.

“Also, after making 60cr (that’s the net collection they have declared, I don’t believe in this number but Net amount India is 60 cr for two days according to them) even if we believe them how come 650 cr film emerged a hit already?

Calling KJo ‘movie mafia’ she asked him to explain the mathematics behind Brahmastra box office numbers.

“Karan Johar Ji please enlighten us, because I am afraid there are different laws of nature for movie mafia and different ones for mere mortals like us. Hence different mathematics for the privileged people like you and different mathematics for underprivileged like us…please enlighten us on this.”

For context, the gross collection is the entire collection of a film at the box office. It’s the amount earned by selling tickets for a certain movie. On the other hand, the net collection is the amount that’s calculated after deducting the entertainment tax from the gross total.

Following her statement, comedian Kunal Kamra took a jibe at her and tweeted:

Twitter was divided with her opinions. While some supported her, others slammed her too.

Kangana said what she had to say. What is your take on this? Are the box office numbers manipulated?

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