Kangana Ranaut Calls For Ban On Chinese Products, Pledges To Become ‘Atmanirbhar’

The escalating tension between India and China after the Galwan Valley clash has instigated several citizens to call for a ban on Chinese products. Recently, a video of a jawaan’s emotional plea asking for the same went viral on the internet. Videos of people destroying Chinese products have gone viral as well.

Kangana Ranaut too condemned the attack on Indian Army soldiers at the Galwan Valley and has asked her audience to boycott Chinese products as an act of retaliation, reports Times Now.

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Kangana posted a video on social media reminding people of the 20 soldiers who were martyred in Galwan Valley. She further asked them to become ‘atmanirbhar’ (self-reliant) and boycott Chinese goods.

The New Indian Express quoted her saying:

“What kind of pain will you go through if somebody tries to rip off our fingers from our hands or our hands from the arm? The same intensity of pain has been caused by China on us after it tried capturing Ladakh from us. 20 of our soldiers lost their lives while saving every inch of Ladakh from China.”

She went on to ask:

“Did we forget when Mahatma Gandhi had asked people to boycott British goods to end their rule in the country? Isn’t it necessary that we take part in the war too because Ladakh is not just a piece of land, it is a very essential part of India? Shouldn’t we stop using all Chinese products and boycott companies in which they have invested so as to stop them from earning revenues and spending them on buying weapons and then using those weapons on our soldiers? Isn’t this our responsibility to support our soldiers and our government?”

Kangana ended the video by pledging to completely boycott Chinese products:

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“So, we take this pledge that we will become atmanirbhar (self-reliant) and will completely boycott Chinese goods and make India win by taking part in this war.”

Watch her video here:

Do you think Kangana is right in her call to boycott Chinese products? Tell us!

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