Kangana Lists Out Blind Items On Sushant, Slams Media & Movie Mafia For Planting Them

Actor Kangana Ranaut who is also an ‘outsider’ in Bollywood has given shocking statements after the passing away of the ‘Kai Po Che!’ actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Releasing a video on her social media, she had earlier said that it wasn’t a suicide but a ‘planned murder’ by Bollywood.

The ‘Manikarnika’ actor has again posted a video on her social media and lashed out the ‘movie mafia’, media and journalists, and blamed them for ‘mentally lynching’ Sushant, reported Hindustan Times.

In the video, she says that after speaking to a couple of Sushant’s acquaintances and reading multiple news stories, she has come to the conclusion that it was a ‘systematic dismantling’ of his mind.

She says, “Sushant’s father said that the tensions in the film industry had made him anxious.

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“Director Abhishek Kapoor, who launched Sushant, said that it was a systematic dismantling of a fragile mind. Ankita (Lokhande), who’s been his long-term partner, said that sushant couldn’t handle being socially insulted.”

She goes on to say that the ‘movie mafia’ has not only banned him but have also conspired against him. She then calls out a section of media for labelling Sushant a ‘narcissist’ who ‘looks like a truck driver’ and has attacked a director with a glass bottle after partying with him. She condemned journalists for his ‘mental, emotional and psychological lynching’.

She further said that she believes she was also a victim of this practice, reported India Today. Talking to the ‘society’ in general, she said, “People enjoy these news stories but have you thought why such things are not written about ‘nepo kids’?”

“The society is based on this bias practice, but when this will take the lives of you and your kids, then you’ll realise how it feels.”

Kangana is known for not mincing her words and calling a spade a spade. If her allegations hold any truth then we really need to put things into perspective and introspect our actions as a society.

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