Thank God I Dated A Dumb Guy, Otherwise I’d Be Behind Bars: Kangana Isn’t Done With Hrithik

The Kangana-Hrithik feud seems far from being over. Only yesterday we told you about the brow-raising revelations made by Kangana. The same where she claimed many a thing, including how Hrithik has been running around, hiding from her. And now it is certain, the actress will stop at nothing to give it back to Hrithik!

Believe me, it’s not me making things up; it is Kangana herself who is candidly but brazenly answering all questions related to the most infamous fallout of 2016-17. If you haven’t guessed it already, she has done it again!

In a tell-all Townhall session with Barkha Dutt, Kangana wore her heart on sleeves and spoke about how she felt when Hrithik denied knowing her (outside professional circuit) at all! She said, 

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“When Hrithik says I had an affair with a fictitious person, I feel like I am in a space-age film & we are all aliens.”

For the uninitiated, Hrithik refuted the allegations of link-up with Kangana and said that the actress was hallucinating and that she needed medical help.


Not just that. Kangana even addressed the elephant in the room when she spoke about how she slapped Hrithik with a counter-notice that later turned into a legal battle. 

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“He saw me too weak in love, too docile and tame. He couldn’t imagine I could gather strength & send a notice back.”

If you think that’s it, you couldn’t be more wrong.


Team Kangana Ranaut (official) and Barkha Dutt even took to Twitter, to post excerpts from the entire conversation…


And they’re explosive!

1. Know what I mean?


2. OUCH.


3. The irony is not lost on me.


4. *shots fired*


5. ‘I was not cheating. He was.’


6. Not mincing her words.


7. There, she said it!


It was followed by some more…

1. The woman of substance.


2. Pierces your heart. Doesn’t it?


3. WORD.

Need I say more? Say what you may but Kangana just won’t settle for anything but the truth! And I see no crime in that.

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