“I’m Extremely Bold. I Sent A Notice Back.” Kangana Opens Up About Fighting Hrithik Back.

Known for her bold personality and being outspoken on all matters, Kangana Ranaut has had her fair share of controversies in Bollywood ever since she stepped foot in the industry. A three-time national award winner and an extremely talented actress, it is a shame that Kangana’s performances always get overshadowed by one fiasco or another.

In a recent interview with India Today, Kangana opened up about her hopes for her upcoming movies and all the controversies that surrounded her last year.

Speaking of her two upcoming movies of 2017, Kangana said that her characters, Julia and Simran, are worthy of national awards.

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“I would be pleasantly surprised to see better-written characters than Julia and Simran this year. In that case, if I do not get a national award, then really shame on me.”


Speaking boldly of the controversies that surrounded her last year, Kangana said that she faced a hard time dealing with them.

“When you deal with malice and betrayal from someone who you have been extremely close to, of course, it does affect you. There is a character assassination – that too publicly – by that individual in whom you put all your faith and love. It has been very hard to deal with.”


Adding to her thoughts, Kangana said that she is not the one to back off from a fight and knows how to stand up for herself.

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“But the fighter instinct in me dominates every other instinct. I did not think twice. I see so many woman committing suicide and falling into depression and my only point is why do they fail to attack? I’m not saying strip others off their dignity too. But you have got to say no to the healer archetype. I am extremely bold. I sent a notice back. I did not take it lying down.”


When asked if anyone advised her to stop taking such bold steps, she said that her mother asked her to not do these things.

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“My own family, my mother was like don’t do all these things and say, ‘bade log hain tumhe marwa daalenge.’ She would cry all the time.”


Kangana further said that she was not only fighting for herself but for the entire womankind against the preconceptions of society.

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“I was not fighting any individual battle but fighting against many prejudices. I took it all in my stride. So I am a whore, I’m sexually attractive, have psychological problems, capable of falling in love with men passionately. So what is my future? What should be done with me. They have nothing to say. They can’t kill the fierceness.”


Kangana Ranaut is definitely not the one to mince words.

News Source: India Today

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