A Video Of Kamlesh Allegedly Attending School Is Going Viral But We Have Our Doubts

I’m a social person who argues for the causes and cases of social media more than anyone her age. Yes, being in the business of digital story-telling helps foster the understanding (of corners of the inter-connected networking web that are user-friendly) but it is mostly the power of raising a consensus that leaves me in awe.

But not every day is bright. Some days are dark and gloomy just like the bylanes of the inter-web. Days where we mock and laugh at the expense of a minor victim of drug addiction and times when we make memes out his plight.

Remember Kamlesh ‘soluchan’ video that went viral and became fodder for a meme mania that millennials lapped up in no time? 

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Yes, the video that was meant to document and throw light upon the menace that is substance abuse had suddenly been reduced to a bunch of out-of-context JPEGs and GIFs and that was not the end of it. Hell, people even ridiculed the episode in the guise of ‘social experiment‘ and that’s how low we stooped!

If you’re wondering the reason I’m revisiting something like that, I have an answer for you. The internet and its alert messengers have found another video and it’s tough to decide if we have chanced upon another day of sunshine or just gloom of another fake news, on its way of becoming viral.

In case you have missed it, a video of Kamlesh allegedly going to school is making rounds of the internet.  


Reportedly, he is off solution and is studying in standard six now!

Yes, even we were jubilant in the beginning. Just like all these people who were happy to see Kamlesh getting on the right track of life…

1. ‘Glad,’ said one.


2. Others were thankful about people who are socially aware.

3. It posed as a good new to many!

4. Popular opinion of the day.

5. Gratitude was a close second.

But our fizzled away in a few first moments because, and pardon my cynicism, the kid in the new video doesn’t look like Kamlesh. And I gathered the nerve to tell you because pictures don’t lie. 

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I’m sorry to be the one to do this but look at the difference in the forehead structure. Or the shape of the ear, for that matter. The arch of the brows also tells a different tale…

Don’t get me wrong; I, we, all of us, heartily want it to be Kamlesh, free from the vices of drug addiction, going to school just like kids his age. But as much as we’d like to be wrong, this seems like another attempt by someone who is just trying to get their 15 seconds of fame.

Here’s the new video, for you to gauge better. 


You’d notice, even the voice is different!

Rest, you are wise enough to make your own decision. I can only hope, it is the informed one.