There Was An Error In Kal Ho Naa Ho’s Famous Diary Scene & No One Noticed, Guy Points Out

If we were to consider some of the most heartbreaking romantic films of Shahrukh Khan, Kal Ho Naa Ho would definitely make the cut. While much of the film runs on a positive, often goofy note, scenes such as the one with the diary, when Aman deliberately breaks Naina’s heart, when Naina gets to know about Aman’s sacrifice, and the ending scene have the ability to break our hearts into a hundred pieces.

However, in the famous diary scene, where Aman pretends to read Rohit’s personal diary and indirectly expresses his love for Naina, there is a slight error.

While the movie shows Aman standing and reading the diary, the shot which focuses on the empty pages of the diary hints at a man sitting. The trousers can be explicitly seen.

A Twitter user, Pulkit Kochar, pointed this out.

Turns out, the shot actually belongs to a deleted scene of the film!

While some people couldn’t believe they missed this error, others said that they were too teary-eyed to notice it in the first place!

Did you notice this error before? Tell us!

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