Kajol Called Out For ‘Showing Attitude’ To Fans Who Came To Celebrate Her Birthday

You may have seen fans of many Bollywood actors celebrating their birthdays, cutting cakes, sending them gifts, and overall making a big deal out of it. The best example of this is Shahrukh Khans’s birthday, where hundreds of fans are seen gathered outside his house to just get a glance of the actor on his special day.

Similarly, a few fans reached outside Kajol’s Juhu apartment with a cake to celebrate her 47th birthday recently. In a video of the incident, fans can be seen holding a large cake in front of the actor and singing ‘Happy Birthday’. Kajol, on the other hand, cuts the cake, takes a photograph, bids goodbye to her fans and goes inside her house.

Have a look at the video here:

However, people online did not take the video in a positive light. Many slammed the actress for being “snobbish”, “ungrateful” and showing a lot of “attitude”. Some asked why she couldn’t take a bite of the cake or celebrate with her fans a bit longer. Have a look:

What do you think Kajol was snobbish in the video? Tell us!

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