Kailash Kher Finally Speaks Out About Sona Mohapatra’s #Metoo Allegation

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that the #MeToo Movement has shed light on a cesspool of B-town scum. Yet, the legitimacy of most allegations remains uncertain, which has delayed punitive action. In other cases, victims have stepped forward but refused to take the legal route.

Singer Sona Mohapatra shared her alleged unsavoury experience with Kailash Kher a few months ago. In quick succession after the incident, at least four other women raised allegations against him. However, in an interview, Sona revealed that she would not lodge a police complaint against Kailash but would make sure he doesn’t repeat his alleged actions in future, reports News18.

Now Kailash shares his two cents on Sona’s decision. He said, “Everyone has their own thinking. If I accuse someone only by taking that individual’s name over and over again then, nothing will come out of it. If you will take legal recourse against that person, then it becomes another matter altogether.

“If I tell you that I will not make a complaint against that individual, but still I will accuse him of doing certain criminal activity, then I feel it’s not an authentic complaint,” Kher said.

When asked if he feels Sona’s allegations are baseless, Kher added-

“No. I will not decide what is right and what is wrong. I have never accused someone. I am living my life. We are simple human beings and we focus on creating music.”

It can be quite daunting for victims to step in the limelight and admit being harassed. Now we wonder what Sona has to say about this?