’83’ Director Kabir Khan On The Hurdles Faced By Indian Cricket Team During World Cup

Ever since the first look of Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh as Kapil Dev from the movie ‘83’ was unveiled, it has been creating a lot of buzz. Time and again, the actor was seen on the fields, trying to slip into the shoes of the cricketing legend.


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Well, the wait is over now. Makers of the movie have released the official trailer. The movie that revolves around the 1983 Cricket World Cup India won against all odds is expected to hit the big screen on 24th December 2021.


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While Ranveer looks dapper in his look as the ace cricketer Kapil Dev, his wife, and actor Deepika Padukone will be seen playing the part of Romi, Kapil Dev’s wife.

The story of India’s historic victory is well-known but only the team players and the people associated with it know about their hardships. Sharing about the hurdles faced by the Indian Cricket Team in 1983, the filmmaker Kabir Khan spoke to Bollywood Hungama and revealed:

“They talk about a time when they had no money. They were paid 15 pounds a day in which they had to have their lunch, their dinner, make their phone calls home, wash their clothes.”

“So, you actually have the Indian National Team cricket team, not wanting to wash its clothes, because it’s too expensive. You save and don’t wash it for two, three days you can buy a new pair of jeans, because then in 15 pounds used to get a new pair of jeans.” (sic)

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During his conversation with the legendary cricketer Sunil Gavaskar, he said to Khan that unlike the cricketers of today, earlier fielders weren’t seen diving much to catch the ball because they were worried about staining their pants.

“People always used to say that Indians earlier were never good fielders and today you see the boys jumping all over sliding, slipping. Before we dive for the ball, we used to think who’s going to wash our pants? So, if I can make it without diving, let me just pick it up without diving.”

Khan further divulged that as the Indian team landed in London prior to the ’83 World Cup, almost all newspapers ‘wrote them off’ saying that they bring down the level of the World Cup. “Because till 83, India never won a single match in the history of the World Cup. West Indies had not lost a single match in the history of the World Cup till then. The first match of the 83 World Cup was India versus West Indies, where they actually defeated the West Indies and that was the biggest upset, and then from there on, of course, the whole journey to the ups and downs,” Bollywood Hungama quoted him as saying.


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Sharing how much effort Ranveer Singh had put into looking, feeling, talking, and walking like the then Indian Cricket Team Captain Kapil Dev, khan said, “He’s put in a lot of hard work, not in just the way he looks, the way he plays. What I must say is there’s a lot being talked about, the way he’s done his hair and everything. But most important is actually his expression. It’s the expression that counts. You can give him the features but if the expression doesn’t match Kapil Dev, he will just not look like Kapil Dev. And that is what Ranveer has achieved and totally on his own of course.” (sic)

“We gave him the access and then we just went live with Kapil sir, moved into his house in New Delhi, and just didn’t leave him – whether he was playing golf, whether he was having business meetings, having breakfast, lunch, dinner, we just standing, sitting and observing him chatting with him. That’s what makes him [who he is].”

The story of India’s victory back in the day is inspiring and bone-chilling. Can’t wait to watch the magic unfold.

Till then, enjoy this glass-shattering, goosebumps-giving official trailer:

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