Fulfilling Martyr Husband’s Last Wish, Wife Joins Indian Army 3 Years Later As Lieutenant

The country cried tears of sorrow when one of our courageous Indian Army jawans, Nayak Deepak Nainwal, attained martyrdom while fighting off terrorists in Kulgam, Kashmir. Nainwal was shot thrice on his spine and chest. After fighting the battle with death for nearly 40 days, he succumbed to his injuries in May 2018.

While his wife was shattered to lose her husband, that was the day she decided to join the armed forces as a tribute to her shaheed husband.

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Well, 32-year-old brave woman, Jyoti Nainwal has joined the Indian Army. Earlier this year, Jyoti started her training at the Officers’ Training Academy, Chennai. Leaving their two kids behind with the family, Jyoti went on to become a celebrated army officer just like her husband. And today is that glorious day when Jyoti was commissioned into the Indian Army as a Lieutenant during the passing out parade at the Officers Training Academy in Chennai, reported Jagran.

In a now-viral video, the proud army officer said, “He (Deepak) gifted us a life of pride which I am trying to carry forward. I’d like to thank my husband’s regiment. They stand with me at every step and treat me like a daughter. For brave women, I’d like to become a mother not for ‘janm’ (birth) but for ‘karm’ (deed), and whatever I live for, will be a gift to my children.”

Earlier this year, Jyoti passed the SSC exam on her fourth attempt. She is now the first officer in her family to serve in the army. Along with her 178 cadets including 124 men, 29 women 25 foreign nations passed out of the Officers Training Academy in Chennai, earlier today.

This is how people feel about this woman of substance.

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Earlier, Pulwama martyr Major Dhoundiyal’s wife joined Indian Army as Lieutenant Nikita Dhoundiyal. Courageous and hardworking women like them are a response to those ignorant people who think women are weak. The nation is proud of them.

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