Justin Trudeau Chose Halloween To Reveal His Secret Identity! And It’s Literally SUPER!

You don’t always get what you want. So I have to believe that in a parallel universe, Justin Trudeau and I are soulmates.

The Canadian Prime Minister is a certified heart-stealer and the Internet has time and again vouched for it. Like, remember the time he put on that dapper black sherwani for Diwali celebrations with Indian diplomats?  *sigh*

But did you know that Justin Trudeau has a ‘Super’ secret identity? No? Well, you’re in for a delightful surprise!

As the world celebrated Halloween, Justin Trudeau decided to reveal to us his secret alter-ego—He’s Clark Kent!

I know those are some amazing costumes in this picture that he tweeted and the kids look adorable. But my eyes are reserved only for the super cool PM looking hot as the bespectacled and gel-haired Clark Kent, dressed in a blue suit and bright red tie.

I thought my heart wouldn’t be able to handle so much awesomeness. And then, he went ahead and did something else.

While it may have taken Clark Kent some time to discover and embrace his true self, Justin Trudeau was all out and flaunting his! Ladies and gentleman, we give you… your new Superman!

OMG! *watches video on loop*

Not that anything can really trump THAT video, but the Canadian PM’s official photographer, Adam Scotti tweeted some really endearing pictures of the Trudeaus’ Halloween celebrations that you’ve just got to see!

1. That Halloween swag though… *plays awesome entrance music*

2. Can we be part of this ‘Trick or Treat’ group too?

3. The clown in the background is basically us every time we see Trudeau do something adorable! (which is all the time)

You’ve got to agree, this was an excellent costume choice. He clearly has the alien ‘out-of-the-world’ looks. As for the superpowers, what else would you call that dynamism, charm and killer smile?

All that’s left is for him to find a Lois Lane. And I volunteer!

“Trick or Treat,” you ask? It was definitely a ‘Treat’ watching you Mr. Trudeau! Oops! We mean, Mr. Kent!

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