Slo-Mo Videos Flood Twitter After Justin Trudeau’s Stunning Hair-Flip On Live TV

Apart from his stellar work as the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau enjoys a global fan base for his looks. The handsome PM doesn’t fail to impress both men and women with his killer charm every time he graces screens for an on-air interview.
Trudeau has been keeping his people updated about the measures and policies that the government is introducing to keep a check on the spread of coronavirus in the country, reports India Today. And his latest ‘ada’ that women are going gaga over is his subtle hair flip from his latest live address to the nation.

No wonder, Trudeau is all over the internet today and people cannot stop talking about his amazing hair-flip. Have a look:

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Even we can’t take our eyes off this eye candy PM. He’s so charming! *Heart Eyes*

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