Mithali Raj Had The Cutest Reply For The Girl Who Dressed Up As The Skipper For Fancy Dress

Independence day is just around the corner! While we, in the usual grind of life, view it as just another holiday to loosen the corporate cuffs, children fortunately still get to bask in the jubilee it is! Thanks to school competitions, elocutions, fancy dress events, and more.

While we are still at that; I can hardly describe my feelings (cue: a deadly dose of nostalgia) when I think of fancy dress competitions, back in the days, that allowed me to be anything I wanted to be! No, that’s not the story…

The good news is a little girl from Gujarat decided to dress up as Mithali Raj, the captain of Indian women cricket team! Her father, Apoorva Ekbote, recently took to Twitter and shared a small clip of the ‘Junior Mithali.’ 

Isn’t she just adorable?


Now, thanks to social media, the tweet reached Mithali Raj and her reply was everything. 


And Mithali wasn’t the only one. The little girl is melting hearts everywhere on the internet. 



2. Blessings galore.


3. How dope is that?


4. Couldn’t have said it better!


5. A true inspiration…

Now you get it? The power of playing dress-up?

Also–in case it wasn’t clear–this is a beautiful way to cement the notion that the country and its people celebrate women sports and cricket is not limited to men’s team anymore!

*goes back to impersonating Ellen DeGeneres*

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