These 13 Kickass Quotes From Julia Robert’s Movies Will Make You Fall In Love With Her

Julia Roberts’s infectious smile is not the only thing that defines her.

She is an amazing actress. Her famous and formidable roles in movies like Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich, Notting Hill, Mystic Pizza is much extolled as she has done full justice to it; making it seem like it was tailor made for her. But more importantly, she reflects an aura of self-confidence with true beauty. She truly represents that female actresses can be bankable and she has proved this fact by being awarded for essaying such meaningful roles.

Other than that, she has an unprecedented simplicity to her persona which makes most of the people go ‘Oh Yes! Julia Roberts’. You wouldn’t see her flaunting a bikini just to make people believe ‘she has still got it’.

So, here are some of her quotes from her famous movies that totally deserve a mention.

1. Pretty Woman

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This is Julia’s most memorable role. She plays a hooker in this movie. Every woman wanted to be Julia after seeing this movie. Even after so many years, it’s still quoted as the best film.


2. Notting Hill

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This is one of my favorite quotes from the movie and I loved this movie. Julia’s character is of a movie star who ends up falling in love with a common man.


3. My Best Friend’s Wedding

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Again, shows the real emotion when Julia’s character falls in love with her best friend. She tries to win him back after he decides to marry someone else.


4. Eat Pray Love

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This was an adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat Pray Love. This movie is a masterpiece. It revolves around Julia’s travel chronicles after she divorces her husband.


5. Erin Brockovich

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This is the dramatization of a true story of Erin Brockovich and Julia has done full justice to it. Her riveting portrayal of a feisty single mother who nearly single-handedly took on a corporate giant and helped families win a complex class action suit won her accolades and she won the Academy Award for this role.


6. Steel Magnolias

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The film revolves around a group of women and how their lives are affected after the death of one of their own.


7. Mona Lisa Smile

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This again turned out to be her defining roles. The character Katherine Ann Watson is truly phenomenal. One of my favorite quotes is: I don’t even want you to like it. What I want you to do is consider it.


8. Runaway Bride

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This character has already run away from three of her weddings and she decides not to in the fourth one. It’s really fun and an emotional watch. Must watch if you’re a die-hard romantic.


9. Hook

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It’s a fancy adventure film where Julia plays Tinker Bell. Directed by Steven Speilberg, this one was another masterpiece.


10. The Mexican

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This is a mixture of romantic comedy and adventure.


11. Closer

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This movie was recognized with a number of awards and recognitions, including Oscar nominations and Golden Globe awards. It’s an intense look at relationships, love, and lust.


12. Sleeping With The Enemy

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This movie will tell you that appearances can be deceiving. Julia Roberts at first appears to be the pampered wife of a well-to-do loving husband (played with evil intensity by Patrick Bergin), but we quickly learn all is not well.


13. Mystic Pizza

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Julia Roberts looks so young and fresh, and that hair! This still continues to be the fan favorite.

These are some of the dialogues from her famous movies. Although I cannot limit it in 13 points, but nevertheless, they totally bring out the real emotion of nuances of life.

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